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Supercharge Your Growth

Internet Marketing Services for Electricians

Feeling grounded, or like your business is about to blow a circuit?

Our digital marketing specialists can help you establish an efficient customer funnel that keeps quality leads coming so your electrician business can start thriving.

Services That Will Actually Grow Your Electrical Company

We know exactly what it takes to create real leads and sales for electricians. Whether you’re looking for large commercial projects, profitable low voltage work, or residential jobs, we will partner with you to understand your business goals and help you meet them.

A website should be designed to communicate your expertise, breadth of services, and why your prospects should work with you instead of the competition.

Commercial Electrician Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will maximize your company’s visibility on Google Search and similar platforms, resulting in more inquiries and sales for your business.

Electrician SEO

Right now, your potential customers are searching Google for services that you offer. With Paid Search (Google Ads), you can be in the right place at the right time and secure their business.

Electrician Paid Ads

By developing a list of your ideal prospects and reaching them with outbound phone calls, appointment setting services will land you the deals you’ve been dreaming of.

Not Your Typical Website Audit

Power Up Your Website Visibility: Free Walkthrough Report

Most website audits are simply software scans that fail to provide clear guidance for actually improving your website to effectively generate new business.

  • With our free Website Walkthrough, you will receive a personalized analysis of your electrician website.
  • Our team of humans will manually research your website and build a customized PDF listing specific improvements tailored to your website.
  • Since we have plenty of experience in the electrical contracting marketing space, we know the exact steps needed to make a world-class electrical contractor website.
These recommendations will begin the process of transforming your website into your #1 lead generation and sales tool.

Get Your Free Electrical Contractor Website Audit!

Electrical Contractor Website Audit

How We Help Electricians Meet Their Business Goals

As your marketing partner, webSURGE is dedicated to providing quality service in all aspects of your business’ advertising. That means we help you improve your visibility to new customers and help you establish a competitive advantage unique to your business.

1 Set Goals

We know not all electricians were created equally.

  • Align marketing with business goals
  • Only target the types of jobs you want
  • Set clear expectations & growth goals

2 Generate Leads

Receive a surge in new phone calls and quote requests.

  • Get found by prospects needing your services
  • Show & tell why you’re the best in the business
  • Secure the types of jobs you’ve always wanted

3 Grow Your Business

Line up more of the right types of projects and make money.

  • Boost your sales and keep your team busy
  • Get the kinds of jobs you want
  • See a clear picture of marketing results

Ready to supercharge your growth?

We’ll show you how!

Our marketing agency has experience growing companies just like yours.

“Team, thank you very much for the past year’s support. I truly appreciate and recognize how great of partners webSURGE has become to us.”
– Aaron Horning, Vice President Of Construction at Douglas Electric

Electrician Website

Internet Marketing Services Electricians Count On

Your electrician digital marketing leaves a critical first impression on your audience. Whether it is the web design, or your website’s appearance in the search results, customers tend to gravitate towards an electrical company that stands out from the rest.

This is why it is important to work with a marketing company that understands your goals and pushes your marketing strategies forward. Only by aligning your business’ values with your customer’s needs can you create brand loyalty from the moment they sign up.

First impressions tell a customer who you are, and how reliable your services are. Pushing your competitive advantage once they’ve already clicked is just the icing on the cake, helping you secure a new lead for your business.

At webSURGE, we are proud to provide internet marketing services electricians can count on. Through inbound marketing and outbound marketing, we can both be present when prospects are actively searching for your services and meet them where they’re at, even if they don’t yet realize they need your services. Whether it’s keeping your website in pristine shape, social media marketing campaigns, SEO, or appointment setting, we help your business thrive.

Website Design and Web Development

You need an electrician website that is specifically designed and optimized for generating and converting leads. Everything on-page should be purposefully-built and designed to make the experience fluid. Every element should create an impactful, positive first impression that users won’t forget.

Not only will a streamlined web design help you dominate the competition with increased conversion rates, but you’ll have happier customers that are more likely to return when they have an electrical problem.

Learn more about our electrician web design services.

Search Engine Optimization / Local SEO

Get Found By Prospects Searching for a local Electrician Online

Search engine optimization / local seo for electricians is a great way to get your business on the top of Google search results and in the Map Pack whenever a customer searches for electrician services.

Through content writing, backlink acquisition, and technical improvements to your website, we’ll ensure your website shows up as an authority in the space when compared to local competitors. While SEO tends to be slower than paid advertising, it’s a great way to establish your brand and generate leads for long-term stability.

Paid Advertising: Google & Social Media (Facebook Ads)

Paid advertising campaigns on Google search and through Facebook Ads are the best way to reach key demographics quickly.

Paid ads are great for the electrician that needs a consistent stream of leads. Paid advertising is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because these platforms charge based on the number of clicks you receive to the landing page – and not a moment before.

We help you develop ad copy and brand message that will cater to your target audience, and over time, develop the campaign to improve the quality and quantity of leads you are capturing with each click.

Your website only shows up when you have the budget, which is why a split approach between paid advertising and search engine optimization can be beneficial for stable lead generation.

In addition to paid social media advertising, we can also manage your social media accounts for you.

Appointment Setting

Are you looking for a marketing company that will take a hands-on approach to your business? When you can’t wait for inbound electrical marketing to passively bring in new customers, webSURGE offers an outbound strategy through our appointment setting services.

Appointment setting is particularly suited to commercial electricians looking to work for general contractors, franchisees, and other businesses. We help you find these opportunities in the local area with individualized outreach services. We first work with you to develop a call script, then build a list of contacts based on your ideal clientele. Next, we pre-qualify your contacts, cutting out the research and outreach phase of landing new clients. Once they are qualified, we’ll start booking appointments on your calendar with interested potential customers.

Ready to Dominate Your Competition?

You work hard so that your business thrives in the day-to-day operations, so why wouldn’t you advertise it with just as much vigor?

If customers can’t see your business, you’re losing out on that potential revenue every single day.

We take that philosophy to heart, working to understand your business’ competitive advantage and find ways to help you dominate the competition at every step. You don’t need to take on every role to make it work. You take care of the business, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Marketing your business online is a zero-sum equation, which means if you aren’t winning, you’re losing out. You’ll work with an account manager to establish an actionable path forward that works for your business’ goals.

Your business deserves better than to come in second place.

Dominate Your Competition

Strategic Marketing for Commercial Electricians

Strategic digital marketing services are not just for residential electricians. At webSURGE, we also understand the ins-and-outs of a commercial electrician’s busy work schedule and marketing needs.

As a commercial electrician, marketing your services online is an important part of capturing the right audience. We provide marketing services for security system installation, commercial lighting, and electrical preventative maintenance for manufacturers.

You can trust that when a business owner searches for help, they’ll find your business waiting to help them.

Marketing commercial electricians is about more than just putting content onto a webpage; we work with you to determine who your target audience is, and where they are most likely to look for you, so nothing works on guesswork.

Every campaign is tailored to your unique goals as a business. Whether you are primarily B2B, or B2C, we help you establish an actionable path forward for measurable, trackable progress.

Digital Marketing for Electricians

Get Found Through Online Marketing and Grow Fast 

Ever wonder how the competitors always seem to have new leads coming in?

Many electricians are turning to online marketing as a way to grow their business and reach new customers quickly. Furthermore, as more people move into the digital era, more people are needing an electrician’s help with their home or business.

The total industry growth for electricians is expected to continue growing by 7% year-over-year for the next decade. For an industry-wide projection, that is a huge amount of growth that amounts to millions of dollars to the average electrical company.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grow your business.

With webSURGE, our digital marketing services are geared towards efficient, quality lead generation services. Not only will you see long-term improvements in your sales funnel, but we can also handle short-term lead generation campaigns to provide your business with an influx of revenue. All this so you can expand your reach and cement your company as the trusted local authority in electrical work.

Get found online

Electrician Digital Marketing FAQ

How Do I Advertise Myself as an Electrician?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about how to advertise your business. As a business owner or manager, it’s ultimately up to you to make the decision about how your business markets its business.

That can be overwhelming if you don’t have the marketing knowledge or time to compete, which is why it’s important to hire a marketing agency who can help you make the hard decisions by educating you and communicating with your perspective and goals in mind.

Marketing isn’t a black-and-white picture. There are many different ways an online marketing agency can help you establish your business as the local authority in electrical work. With more and more people looking to the internet for solutions, it only makes sense to capitalize on that so your business can grow in the long-term.

You’ll find that your overall goals, service area, types of services offered, and the competitive landscape all have a role to play in the online industry, which is what makes it so important to work with an agency that believes in a bespoke campaign based on your individual metrics for success.

Why Should Electricians Invest in Digital Marketing?

More often, searchers are looking online to choose a local contractor they trust to work with. Few people today look at yellowpages or other traditional methods of advertising because it has become so easy to pull out a cell phone and start searching for answers.

Fortunately for your business, this is a huge opportunity for growth in your area. Not only can your business be the number one choice shown to potential leads, but these people are actively looking for your offering right then and there.

How much more qualified could you get?

It is suggested that 96% of all searchers find a contractor they are looking for within the first page of Google results. Most of those searchers don’t even get past the local Map Pack where only three businesses are suggested.

Make sure your business is in that top position. It’s like putting a spotlight right on your business’ services with a customer who has their credit card ready.

How Much Do Electrician Marketing Services Cost?

The cost for marketing services depends on what you want to achieve, and where you are starting from. All standard campaigns are billed in monthly increments so you always know what to expect.

We all know that electrical companies and their respective goals are quite unique from one another. Based on the type and amount of work you need to succeed and grow within the online space in your market, that cost may vary. For an accurate quote on your digital marketing services, get in touch with the webSURGE team today.

When you work with us, we do our best to pinpoint exactly where your business is now, and learn where you want to go in the long-term. Understanding your business’ goals allows us to align our priorities and create an actionable path forward that makes sense based on your budget.

This will also allow us to project your potential ROI across marketing efforts with goal-based data tracking to minimize marketing costs for your business.

What is webSURGE’s Reporting and Communication Process? 

Your clients expect responsive, timely service. It only makes sense that you’d expect the same from your marketing company.

At our digital marketing agency, we believe in proactive communication. You will never wonder how your marketing campaign is doing, because we’ll help you follow it every step of the way.

With monthly reporting, we can show quantitative data at each step, showing you where the movement has been over the previous month. You will get to watch in real-time as your leads start pouring in.

During the initial intake call with your account manager, we will establish expectations for communication based on your electrical company’s goals and current position.

We’ll work out a cadence that makes sense for your business, so you can be as hands on or hands off as you want to be.

Electrician Digital Marketing Report

What Sets webSURGE's Digital Marketing Services Apart?

webSURGE is the top choice for electricians looking to expand their business.

Not only do we provide premier marketing services to help you establish consistent, quality leads, but we listen to your goals and tailor the campaign to reach your company’s goals.

Most internet marketing companies work with a standard package that each company must fit into for the services to make sense.

At our marketing agency, we match you with a custom marketing plan that will be tailored to your needs and help you identify areas of growth.

webSURGE team silhouette
Joe Crestuk

Joe Crestuk
President & CEO

Scott Coullard

Scott Coullard
VP of Operations

Beckie Crestuk

Beckie Crestuk
Media Director

Marc Ramsperger

Marc Ramsperger

Get Started Today: Request a Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to supercharge your growth as an electrician? Get in touch today to request a marketing strategy from the marketing experts at webSURGE.

It’s time to see the real difference that efficient, results-driven marketing can provide to your business.

Whether you are looking to expand your reach into a new region, or capture new leads in a pre-existing location, digital marketing services can help your company thrive.

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