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B2B Digital Marketing Stack

for companies that want to kickstart or expand their growth strategy

B2B Digital Marketing Stack

Marketing with webSURGE


Deliver More Sales Opportunities

Our purpose as a co-sourced marketing partner is to drive more sales opportunities to your team.

If you’re looking for a marketing company to:

  • Understand your business goals
  • Create demand for your services within your ideal customer segments
  • Ensure you are present when buyers are actively seeking a solution
  • Quantify your marketing investments and associated returns

Call on webSURGE.

Build Your List and Create Your Value Propositions

Our products business, which was sound asleep, is now wide awake and is carrying Hansford Parts and Products.

Bruce Ferguson, Hansford Parts and Products CEO


Increase Awareness, Capture Intent

Your prospects are actively using the internet to find potential suppliers for their business.

If they don’t know about your capabilities, this makes it very difficult to be found.

If you are not present when they are actively searching, it makes it doubly hard to be found.

So our marketing product revolves around increasing the awareness (i.e. demand) for your products & services, and then fulfilling that demand when people need your solutions.

Where will you be when your prospect is let down by their supplier and they need a replacement?


Accelerated Inbound Marketing Stack

The leads were a little off target at first, but we were able to work together and since, the leads have been right on target with the core people we sell packaging to. We’re getting very good leads out of it, and obviously new business because of it.

Terry Doud, Sales Manager, OrCon Industries

What You Get

No Wait-And-See Sales Method

Create Opportunities:

  1. Leverage LinkedIn’s hyper-targeted advertising capabilities and reach the companies you know you can serve well
  2. Stay at the top of Google listings, whether you are paying for ads, or showing up organically (SEO)
  3. Automate processes, automatically collect & share data, and iterate as required

The variables are unique to your business, but the formula is not complex.

Target with Digital Marketing

Serious About Growth?

Revenue Targets. Capital Investment Returns. Sales Quotas. Growth.

Are your priorities lined up with your actions?

We know what it takes to get this done on our end.

Fill in the form and see the pricing so you know what it takes from your end.

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