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Digital Marketing Stack

for companies that want to kickstart or expand their growth strategy

B2B Digital Marketing Stack

Our Purpose

Create More Revenue Opportunities

webSURGE is a Marketing Team that Focuses On:

  • Understanding your business goals
  • Increasing awareness for your brand and services within your ideal customer segments
  • Ensuring you are present when buyers are actively seeking a solution
  • Quantifying your marketing investments and associated returns
Put the Right Pieces in the Right Places for Marketing Success

Marketing Services Overview


Business-Marketing Goal Alignment

Customer Segments and Messaging

Success Metrics and Pipeline Projections

Create Awareness

LinkedIn Advertising

Network & Social Advertising

Email Marketing

Capture Intent

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search Advertising

Website Tools & Conversion Rate Optimization


Showcase Capabilities

On-Site Photography & Videography

Media Production

Product Photography

Analyze & Optimize

Marketing Data

Pipeline Measurement

Revenue Optimization


Start with a Strategy Session

Objectives Overview – what is the real objective of investing in marketing? What will move the needle for your organization? This is where we’ll get crystal clear about your goal.

Audience Development – a deep dive into your ideal customer types, their pain points and your solutions. Show us what your ideal customer looks like, and we’ll do the work reach them.

Website & Information Strategy – breaking down prospect segments and assigning value proposition statements to each, based on needs & solutions, and plans for implementation.

KPI Dashboard Planning – what will you measure, and how will it be measured? This is where we’ll draft your custom KPI dashboard.

Accelerated Inbound Marketing Stack

Build Awareness, Capture Intent

Target Buyers Accurately and Capture Intent When the Buyer is Ready

Your customers spend the majority of their time in a few places on the internet, and it’s up to you to reach them.

Part of your ongoing marketing execution should involve developing your audiences, building messaging in their terms, and being available when they are ready to make a decision.

Target with Digital Marketing

Show Capabilities, Add Opportunities

Show Capabilities to Your Prospects, and Empower Your Sales Team with Technology

Professional media is a prerequisite in 2021, just as rapid response times and accurate followups have always been the standard.

It’s up to your website & marketing to educate & inspire your prospect before they talk to sales – we’ll make the pre-sales process more streamlined for your team.

Build Your List and Create Your Value Propositions

Dive Deep into Data

Don't Just Wait and See What Revenue Comes

Your marketing and sales data should empower you to take the correct steps to achieve your ambitious revenue goals.

By leveraging tracking & measuring tools, you can form more accurate sales projections and prove the value of your marketing and sales investments

Measurements & Determinations

A Manufacturer's Success Story

"We have gone from being very marginal to being on fire"

webSURGE helped Hansford Parts & Products increase their leads through digital efforts.

Watch this video to hear Hansford’s CEO describe the results in his own words.

webSURGE Marketing Pricing

Full Marketing Stack

starting at
plus ad budget

Strategy and Marketing Blueprint
LinkedIn, Network & Additional Social Advertising
Organic Social Media Management
Organic Search Optimization & Paid Search
Ongoing Website & Conversion Optimizations
Measurements & Determinations
Live KPI Dashboard, Monthly Overview, Quarterly Report

Mini Marketing Stack

starting at
plus ad budget

Strategy and Marketing Blueprint
LinkedIn, Network & Additional Social Advertising
Paid Search Advertising
Landing Page Optimizations
Live KPI Dashboard, Quarterly Report

Additional Services

based on project scope
$500/and up
one-time or on-going

Content Development, Publishing & Promotion
Advanced Data Analytics
Dynamic Lead Flows & Automation
Email Marketing

Before You Invest

Questions to Consider

How much value in new business opportunity is needed to make this investment a success?

How many new closed-won deals must be created in a 12-24 month period in order to make this investment a success?

How many new opportunities must be created – per month? per quarter? – to reach this number?

Based on these numbers and the marketing investment, what does the average cost per acquisition equal? Is that appropriate based on your close rates and average customer value?

Serious About Growth?

Revenue Targets. Capital Investment Returns. Sales Quotas. Growth.

Are your priorities lined up with your actions?

Schedule a FIRST Meeting and let’s see if we both feel there is a

Fit between our services and your business

Interest in executing a long-term growth strategy

Return on investment that is a high probability

Success metrics that are clearly defined

Trust between our companies

Strategy Session Request

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