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Add New Opportunities
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Tired of the WAS (Wait-And-See) Sales Method?
Prioritize Digital and Get What Bruce Has.

We Deliver More Revenue Opportunities to Our Clients

and are thankful for long-term, high-quality relationships that build over time


Reducing Missed Opportunities with a Digital-First Approach

Our products business, which was sound asleep, is now wide awake and is carrying Hansford Parts and Products.

Bruce Ferguson, Hansford Parts and Products CEO

Engineered Packaging

Growing Revenue with a Digital-First Approach

The leads were a little off target at first, but we were able to work together and since, the leads have been right on target with the core people we sell packaging to. We’re getting very good leads out of it, and obviously new business because of it.

Terry Doud, Sales Manager, OrCon Industries

Design & Engineering

Dominating an Industry with a Digital-First Approach

webSURGE gave us a main platform for everything, [which] allowed us to have more technical data, better product imagery, and to roll out a website that was more congruent overall.

Kris Roof, Specialty Products Sales Manager, Ultrafab, Inc.

Marketing Strategy & Execution for a Broad Range of Businesses

B2B Marketing Solutions

B2B Marketing Stack

Success in B2B marketing derives from execution of a proven process.

We help businesses navigate the murky waters of “digital marketing,” and eliminate 90% of the wasted time and tactics that bog companies down.

To get more companies knocking on your door for business, you needn’t reinvent the wheel.

B2B Marketing Stack


The website is the lynchpin of any digital marketing effort.

It’s the bucket that will inspire & capture new revenue opportunities, or the sieve through which your prospects (and money) will fall.

If your site isn’t showing your capabilities, experience, employee strengths and industry expertise, you’re losing opportunities daily.

Lead Generation Websites

Professional Media Services

Enhance Your Digital Marketing with Professional Photos and Video

webSURGE offers professional-quality digital photo and video services. Browse through our library of past projects below.

webSURGE Media Creation

Skilled Labor Staffing Support

If you’ve got plenty of work coming in but not enough staff to fill the shifts, we have a solution for you.

We support manufacturing companies who need staff. Using targeting digital marketing tactics, we help you reach the type of workers you need, and fast.

  • CNC positions
  • Assemblers
  • Welders
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Machine operators
  • Warehouse labor
  • General labor
  • and more

Begin Planning Your 2021 Digital Strategy

If you’re considering digital marketing in the next quarter, let’s talk about your business goals first.

Digital marketing can work for most companies, and it always works best when you align marketing activity with key business objectives.

Schedule a call. No commitment – just strategy.

Strategy Session Request

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