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Staffing Support for Manufacturers & Skilled Labor

If you’ve got plenty of work coming in but not enough staff to fill the shifts, we have a solution for you.

We support companies who need to staff skilled laborers. Using targeting digital marketing tactics, we help you reach the type of workers you need, and fast.

  • CNC positions
  • Assemblers
  • Welders
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Machine operators
  • Warehouse labor
  • General labor
  • Construction & Outdoor Work
  • and more

Hire More Workers and Fill Your Shifts

Manufacturing Recruitment Inquiry
Tell us your staffing needs and get pricing for your hiring campaign.

Get Results Fast

One of the BEST DECISIONS we’ve made in the history of the company.

Marissa Allen, Advantech Industries

What You Get with Recruitment Support Services

Visual Job Posts

Make Your Job Posts Stand Out and Showcase Your Company Strengths

  • We create a variety of high-quality visual assets for your recruitment campaigns that reach your custom audiences on social media and network websites
  • The web is visual, but job boards are not. Visually appealing job posts allow you to separate yourself from competitors and highlight the strengths of your company. This will compel quality workers to apply for your openings.
CNC Machinist Job Post Facebook

Job Post Advertising Management

Run Multiple Ads, Test Performance and Double-Down on What Works

  • We post, manage and optimize job ads to your custom audiences on Facebook, Instagram and throughout their network of websites across the internet.
  • Social media advertising allows us to target specific people with a specific message. Plus, the tremendous volume of people who visit Facebook and Instagram each day dwarfs the amount of traffic seen by any of the recruitment sites (you can expect if they’re on the internet at all, it’s highly likely they are using FB or IG, or both.)
Manufacturing Job Post Advertising Management

Application Web Pages

Give Your Candidates a Seamless Application Experience

  • We build you visual, fast-loading and customizable pages for each of your job posts, so your applicants have an easy experience on their computer or mobile device. View an Example
  • Joards like Indeed or ZipRecruiter are clunky and difficult to use. These sites prioritize showing as many job openings to as many people as possible – it is not their goal to fill all of your positions ( … they only make money if you keep having to post jobs!)  Moreover, payroll provider platforms are typically hard to use and time-consuming, and deliver a frustrating, out-dated experience to your potential hires.
Manufacturer Job Page Example

Getting Started With Staffing Support Services

Step 1

Discovery Session

  • Meet at our office or virtually to discuss your current recruitment efforts. We’ll gather information about what positions you are hiring for, quantity of openings, and any other specifications
  • Share any hiring docs, including job descriptions and HR information, as well as company visual assets and social media account access
strategy session

Step 2

Campaign Development, Review and Approval

  • We begin to develop your job advertisements, audiences, job application pages, and applicant management platform
  • We’ll send you the developed assets for your review; we will discuss to identify opportunities for improvement and finalize the work after your commentary
  • This can typically move fairly quickly, depending on how many positions you are hiring for, the status of your social/ad accounts, and your availability to review the developed assets.  We aim for a maximum of 2 weeks and typically launch a campaign within 10 days.
Finding Skilled Labor Workers

Step 3

Run Campaign and Keep Communications Open

  • We’ll launch the website and ad campaigns and begin testing and optimizing for performance
  • Communication is essential during this phase: we’ll hope to hear from you (weekly, to start) about the quantity and quality of incoming applicants.  Since every campaign is different, it’s essential for us to hear feedback on the applicants so that we can take appropriate action in the campaign
  • On a monthly basis, we will meet to report on the efficacy of the campaign
Recruiting Manufacturing Employees Campaign

Get Pricing

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