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Free SEO Analysis Tool for Manufacturing Websites

This SEO Analysis Tool was created specifically for manufacturing industries with low search volume and highly niche industry terms.

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Go Beyond H Tags, Keyword Density, and Alt Attributes…

... because it's not 2015 and the same old SEO tactics just don't work anymore.

In this report you will get:

  • Insight into 100+ factors that correlate with the top ranking pages in your industry (see screen shots below)
  • Personalized SEO recommendations for your keyword and URL — i.e. we’ll help you break down this massive report into actionable items
  • A follow up report to see how well your pages have improved
SEO Tool Screenshot

Understand Ranking Factors and Improve Your Pages

In the following sections, we dig into some of the specific information provided in this report to help you better understand what you’ll be looking at.

What Are the Factors that Lead to a Page 1 Ranking?

This SEO Report will introduce you to a list of factors that correlate with highly ranking pages. It will show typical KPIs, such as keyword density and word count, as well as some often overlooked factors, such as:

  • Keywords, Leading Keywords, and Search Terms (in your <li> tags, <p> tags, <a> tags, <span> tags, and others)
  • Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency (how important is your keyword in the document, based on it’s proportion of use compared to other terms and phrases)
  • Number of Non-Zero Factors (how diverse is your set of ranking factors?)

…and about 100 more critical factors to consider.

SEO Ranking Factors

Understand Trends Across the Top 10 Pages

Now that you know the factors that correlate most with highly ranking pages, you can start to discover trends across the top 10 SERPS.

In this example, you can view the average value of a ranking factor within each results page. This will help you understand how important certain factors are, and the factor’s significance relative to others.

Use this view to give yourself a high-level overview of what’s going on in Google’s mind when it comes to your keyword.

If you’re curious about the anomalies on page 3 of this report, they exist because there is a forum discussing this keyword, which has a TON of text – but it does not satisfy the user’s intent when they search this term, so Google pushes it to page three. Sometimes, some good ol’ manual inspection is the best way to understand anomalistic trends.

Trends in SEO Page Tranking

Use the Factors to Improve Your Page

Now that you know the key ranking factors and understand trends around your keyword, you can dive into your page and make corrections that will boost your rankings.

Hansford Parts and Products, a long-time client of ours, now ranks in the top 4 positions for this keyword ????, out-ranking huge competitors like Hassay-Savage, Ebay, and Dumont.

We took the information from this SEO report and made improvements to a few of our key pages (home page, blog post, and main product page) to skyrocket our results and drastically improve search volume and conversions for our client.

You can use this report to improve your site just like this!

Improve Your Page Ranking

This is Just One Page of a Deep Report

The view we’ve been exploring so far is just one page of the report.

There are 10 more pages with more insight to the top 100 rankings that will help you outrank even the most well-established, high-value competitors.

SEO Improvement Suggestions

Pause For a Moment of Honesty

This report tool is awesome.  We love it.
But it's not perfect.

  • It doesn’t cover two significant ranking factors – backlinks and page speed. If you’d like us to assess these for you, send us an email and let us know what page you’d like a report for.
  • It does not take into account usability and readability (e.g. you might improve all the factors here, but if your website is ugly or isn’t written well, you probably aren’t going to rank well because Google will see suboptimal engagement, and serve more engaging pages instead).
  • It takes us a day or two to put this report together.  We look through the report and give you a set of recommendations so you have a good starting point. It’s not an automatic report. But it’s well worth the wait since it is much more robust than the reports you’ll get from sitecheckerpro or Neil Patel.

No Time to Analyze Your Correlation Data?

That’s what we’re here for.

Shortcut the process and work with us to improve your rankings and boost organic traffic, like we did for Hansford and dozens of other B2B clients.

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