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Get What Bruce Has

Our products business, which was sound asleep, is now wide awake and is carrying Hansford Parts and Products.

Bruce Ferguson, Hansford Parts and Products CEO

Real Revenue > Marketing Metrics

Laser-Focused Marketing for Manufacturing & Packaging Companies

webSURGE (Rochester, NY) provides marketing strategy, execution and websites for manufacturing & packaging companies across the US.

We focus on making your brand a potential supplier by putting your core capabilities in front of the exact companies you want to work with.

We keep you present in the search engine when potential buyers are seeking a source.

We build websites that become your #1 source of new business opportunity.

Get in touch for a complimentary strategy session, and learn more about the Why, What & How.

Get What Michael & Terry Have

Growing Revenue with a Digital-First Approach

The leads were a little off target at first, but we were able to work together and since, the leads have been right on target with the core people we sell packaging to. We’re getting very good leads out of it, and obviously new business because of it.

Terry Doud, Sales Manager, OrCon Industries

Marketing Services Brief

The variables are critical, but the formula is not complex

Capabilities Awareness

LinkedIn Advertising

Network Advertising

Email Marketing

Buying Intent

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Search Advertising

Web Tools & Conversion Rate Optimization


Prime Websites ($6,000-$10,000)

Advanced Websites ($12,000+)

Online Store / eCommerce Sites

Custom Media

On-Site Photography & Videography

Staff Photography, Employee Showcases

Product Photography in Our Studio

This is the B2B Marketing Stack

Get What Kris Has

Dominating an Industry with a Digital-First Approach

webSURGE gave us a main platform for everything, [which] allowed us to have more technical data, better product imagery, and to roll out a website that was more congruent overall.

Kris Roof, Specialty Products Sales Manager, Ultrafab, Inc.

Serious About Growth?

Revenue Targets. Capital Investment Returns. Sales Quotas. Growth.

Are your priorities lined up with your actions?

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